Further Activities Dr. Vera Delnon

  • Various studies, University of Zurich (1982-2010)
  • Various trainings in energy oriented ways of healing (aspects of TCM, homeopathy, quantum healing)
  • Research in the area of light and information
  • Research in the area of criminal energies and conspicuous maladjusted behaviour
  • Board member of several professional associations
  • 2010 Initiator of a Swiss State’s Claim against Germany at the  International Court of Justice because of illegal procurement of protected Swiss banking data
  • 1991 Co-Initiator of the people’s initiative „Legal Protection in Criminal Procedures“ („Rechtsschutz in Strafsachen) with follow-up


  • IT pioneer (January 1984 owner of the first 10-MB-PC)
  • Net pioneer (since 1986 online with access to 3’000 databases)
  • 1990 Charter member of the first women’s Lions Clubs in German-speaking countries
  • 1994 – 1997 First female member of the Lions Club District Committee MD 102 E
  • 1996 Co-organisation and administration of LionNet International